Disc - aggregates for cultivations type AG

Designed for the treatment of soils of all types by the shuttle method, they create the optimal natural structure for germination of plants and tap the top layer of soil to maintain moisture. Disk soil cultivators combine the functions of plow, pewter, cultivator and disk harrow. Provide uniform distribution throughout the depth of the treated layer of soil organic fertilizers and post-drought residues, which increases its resistance to erosion processes, and increases the ability to absorb moisture.
Soil-cultivating units of disk type AG have a number of updates:
- Europe-type wheeled rolls - exclude land plots;
- Improved bearing support - increases endurance and reliability of the bearing unit;
- updated rack - has increased resource usage by 30%.

 Aggregate soil-type disk type AG
Trailer for AG-2,4, 2,7, 3,0, 3,3
With this attachment it is possible to get from a semi-trailer hinged unit.
- fuel economy
- reduction of the load on the tractor’s belt.



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