Disc - aggregates for cultivations type AGP

Aggregate type AGP can be used in semi-trailer or hinged variants in all soil-climatic zones. The main advantage of semiautomatic aggregates is to reduce the load on the tractor and save fuel. Stable, even and reliable operation of the unit ensures high quality of soil cultivation.

Disk soil cultivators combine the functions of plow, pewter, cultivator, hinged and semi-trailer disk harrow.Designed for work with tractors with a three-point hinged system, which are equipped with a distribution-aggregate hydrosystem and are equipped with longitudinal draft.

 агп_1.png  Updated 7.0.00A AG Stand for AG, AGP units
- the axle of the rack is modified;
- the disk is mounted on six solid bolts;
- the bearing unit is protected from dust and dirt.


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