Disc - aggregates for cultivations type AGLP

AGLP type aggregates can be used in semi-trailer or mounted variants in all soil-climatic zones.

Have several benefits:
- a solid and reliable frame;
- Better quality of soil treatment due to greater mass of the aggregate and angles of attack of working bodies;
- reduction of the load on the tractor’s cover;
- fuel economy;
- improved design of the wheelbase;
- universal adapter;
- roller blinds exclude soil culling;
- When transporting the unit to hold it at the desired height on the hydraulic cylinder of the unit installed hydraulic lock. The tractor does not need to leave the tractor cabin to fix the wheel;
- modern design;
- possible assembly of the unit with a hydraulic cylinder and a tandem boat.
Designed for work with tractors with a three-point hinged system, which are equipped with a distribution-aggregate hydrosystem and are equipped with longitudinal draft.


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